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The Professional Drain Cleaning Tool

 Drain Wand...

Do You Have Fruit Flies?

Fruit Flies are a serious contaminator of food around prep stations and nuisance pest in the dining room.

Drain Odors?

Drain Odors can be very unpleasant for your customers and staff. 


Maintenance of drains is simple with this innovative tool.


Hiring a company to service your drains can leave you with unnecessary and excessive expenses.

Maintenance ?



     The Drain Wand is a patented tool design that eliminates the need to remove the drain cover.  Allowing maintenance by simply inserting the Drain Wand into the drain, “THROUGH THE GRATE” and washing away the harborage that allows small flies to bread.

With Drain Wand
  • Environmentally Friendly “NO CHEMICALS”

  • Easy to Use

  • Low Cost

  • Time Efficient

  • Thorough Cleaning​

With Out Drain Wand
  • The use of hazardous chemicals

  • High cost associated with hiring    a plumber or pest control Co.

  • Time consuming

  • Cleaning the traditional way with  a brush

  • Cleanliness not as effective



Clean any Drainage including but not limited to: floor drains, drain hoses, beer taps,
ice machine, coolers, sinks , even A/C drain pipes!



P.O. Box, 

Orlando, FL 32819

Tel: (407) 600-8975

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