The Professional Drain Cleaning Tool

 Drain Wand...

Got Fruit Flies?


Fruit Flies are a concern, they are a nuisance pest and also a serious contaminator of food.

Drain Smells?


Drain Odors can be very unpleasant for your customers. 


The maintenance of drains can be simple with this innovative tool.


Hiring a plumber or a pest control company to service your drains can leave you with unnecessary and excessive expenses.

 Expensive Maintenance ?
With Drain Wand
  • Environmental Friendly “NO CHEMICALS”

  • Easy to Use

  • Low Cost

  • Time Efficient

  • Thorough Cleaning​

With Out Drain Wand
  • The use of hazardous chemicals

  • High cost associated with hiring    a plumber or pest control Co.

  • Time consuming

  • Cleaning the traditional way with  a brush

  • Cleanliness not as effective


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