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DrainWand, Inc. is a company founded by professionals who have over 45 years combined experience in the Pest Control, Restaurant and Building Maintenance Industry.

Drain Odors, Small Fruit and Drain flies can be harmful to a business by contaminating food, annoying guests and making working conditions difficult for staff.  We've learned that approximately 95% of small fly issues are due to poor sanitation issues and 80% of those are drains that are never cleaned.   Some businesses have even been closed down due to violations in sanitation codes. Surprised?


After years of battling small flies and putrid drain odors, trying to protect a company’s brand, making the guest experience better or just trying to keep employees happy, we've decided it was time to work smarter and not harder. 


DRAIN WAND is a "Must Have" tool that every commercial Food and Drink business needs in their arsenal. Cost-effective and simple maintenance/cleaning instead of costly job hired out to plumbers or pest control companies. AND! NO CHEMICALS!

Drains are basically out of sight and out of mind until they develop odors and become a breeding ground for pests. Then you have to pay professionals a hefty premium to come out and deal with it.  Our experience has taught us that this unpleasant job of cleaning drains can eliminate most small fly pest issues.  But no one wants to be the person to have to do it.  So we made it easier for you, your staff or your cleaning crew to effectively and professionally clean your drain with this powerful patented revolutionary tool. 


So simple that in most cases you won’t even need to remove the drain grate.  Just get DRAIN WAND and start cleaning.

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